Who are we and what do we do?

CASSI is an umbrella organisation that works to provide a link between all the local chartered accountant societies in Ireland and Chartered Accountants Ireland, our parent body. Our aim is to effectively coordinate all the local societies in order to provide a strong voice for all accountancy students in Ireland. We work to gain a consensus of the local committees’ opinions in dealing with the student issues of the day. The local societies are the backbone of what CASSI is and what CASSI does. Without a vigorous local society network it would be impossible for CASSI to operate. Through the medium of CASSI all the local societies have an opportunity to be heard at a national level through one voice. CASSI committee members are all elected once a year and positions are open to all accountancy students in Ireland.

Exam Reports

The exam reports for the CAP1, CAP2 and FAE exams are available at the following links;

FAE Exam Survey

CASSI will be conducting a survey on the FAE exams and course.  Survey will be released on Friday 19 August and remain open until Monday 22 August at 6pm. Full details here.

When do we meet?

CASSI undertake to meet bi-monthly to discuss all issues of relevance to students. Through these meetings we address the topical local student issues and work to promote student issues at a national level.

How are we elected?

CASSI members are elected once a year from representatives of the local societies at the AGM held usually at the end of January. There are 8 local committees in all in Ireland:

      • CASSC: Chartered Accountants Students Society Cork
      • CASSD: Chartered Accountants Students Society Dublin
      • CASSG: Chartered Accountants Students Society Galway
      • CASSL: Chartered Accountants Students Society Limerick
      • CASSM: Chartered Accountants Students Society Midlands
      • CASSS: Chartered Accountants Students Society Sligo
      • CASSU: Chartered Accountants Students Society Ulster
      • CASSSE: Chartered Accountants Students Society South East

CASSI is the forum which the local societies can communicate and form an effective student voice within the accountancy profession here in Ireland.