Chair’s Update

Dear Student,

Welcome to CASSI – your Student Society!

My name is Nuala McAdams and I am the Chairperson of the Chartered Accountants Student Society Ireland, ‘CASSI’, for 2019. By beginning your training contract with Chartered Accountants Ireland or via the Chartered Business route, you have automatically become a member of CASSI and are now eligible to receive all the benefits of membership!
CASSI is an umbrella body which encompasses made up of eight regional societies:

Dublin (CASSD)
Ulster (CASSU)
Cork (CASSC)
Midlands (CASSM)
Sligo (CASSS)
Limerick (CASSL)
Galway (CASSG)
South East (CASSSE)

We have three essential functions as your Student Society – Introducing You, Representing You and Supporting You.

Introducing you

We introduce you by providing a platform for social interaction and networking with other trainees. Together with our partners Morgan McKinley, CASSI and the Local Societies run many social events during the year, such as –

New Student Welcome events
Annual Charity Balls
Post Exam (and Results) Drinks
Sporting events

Representing you

We represent you through our interaction with the Institute via the CASSI Exam and Programme Reports, developed from feedback submitted by trainees.
Over the last number of years, the scope of these reports has grown to incorporate the opinions and attitudes of students not only on the examination papers themselves, but on all aspects of educational programmes, from course delivery to support materials.

Compiled after each examination, CASSI representatives meet with members of the Institute’s Education and Examination teams to discuss the report, highlight relevant issues and propose initiatives and enhancements to the programmes. In January 2012 we were also invited to address the Education, Training and Life Long Learning board for the first time. This has now become an annual address and we aim to voice your concerns through this platform. CASSI are also in regular contact with the Institute regarding all aspects of the education program so please always feel free to contact us with your views.

Supporting you

We support you and your professional development by helping students with any queries they may have or issues they may experience during their training. The most important function we have is that we are available to listen to and advise students who are most in need of our help. Please note that all personal information will be dealt with in the utmost discretion and we should be able to advise you of the most appropriate contact and make and relevant introductions where applicable.

In addition, the local societies run educational and professional development seminars and events on topics such as interview skills, CV optimisation and working abroad in conjunction with Morgan McKinley.

So what should you do now?

In order to keep updated on all student news and upcoming CASSI and local events, keep an eye on this website and the student section of Accountancy Ireland, a copy of which you will be receiving every two months by e-mail.

You can contact us by emailing for any education related queries. Contact details for all Regional Societies can be found within the “About Us” section of this website.
You can also add us on Facebook (CASS Ireland), follow us on Twitter @CASSIreland or Instagram (cai.student.society) join our LinkedIn (Chartered Accountants Student Society Ireland) for all the latest news and photos from our regional events.

Finally, may I wish you every success as you start or continue your professional examinations and if there is any assistance, help or advice that you need, please get in touch.

Yours faithfully
Nuala McAdams