At CASSI, we take our responsibilities in relation to your education very seriously. We believe that students’ views should be represented to the Institute in a professional and timely manner. CASSI communicate regularly with the Institute on various matters throughout the year in relation to your education and  present formal reports to the Education, Examinations and Student Services committees via the Exam and Programme Reports which are facilitated through the regional student societies.

Dialogue is a two-way process and CASSI are work hard to deliver direct answers to direct concerns. CASSI are also able to suggest improvements and comment on developments.

After each set of exams, one consolidated report is prepared by the CASSI Education Officer, which is submitted on behalf of the students to the Institute. This report is then reviewed by the examiners prior to marking and finalisation of the marking scheme. The post exam forums are vital to allow the Institute’s Examination committee to understand students’ thoughts about the exam sittings. All students are encouraged strongly to contribute and put forward their compliments, comments or criticisms regarding their exams either through the regional societies or direct to CASSI.

We are looking for your views to feed into this report, so please take 10 minutes out of your celebrations, post exams to ensure your voice is heard by the examiners. Your local student society will be contacting you in relation to post exam forums during exam week, however if you would like to find details of your local society, contact details can be found on this website, alternatively, please contact us with any queries that you may have in relation to your course or exams at any time of the year.

November 2013 Update

We have teamed up with Ronan O’Loughlin, Director of Education and Training at CAI, to outline some of the areas where we’ve made significant progress and also those items which remain firmly on our agenda.  Please see the video at the link below.  An FAQ leaflet has also been prepared to accompany the video.

Watch the video at >> Director of Education and Training, CASSI video update – November 2013

Download the FAQ document at >> FAQs CASSI/CAI

CASSI Examination Reports


    • The CASSI report on the CAP II repeat examinations (Oct 2010) is now available TO DOWNLOAD
    • The CASSI report on the Cap II Examinations (June 2010) is now available TO DOWNLOAD.
    • The CASSI report on the Cap I Examinations (June 2010) is now available TO DOWNLOAD
    • The CASSI report on the FAE Examinations (Sep 2010) is now available TO DOWNLOAD.