FAE Report 2018

The FAE Report for 2018 is now available here: 

CASSI FAE Report 2018

FAE Elective IA Report 2018

The FAE Elective IA Report for 2018 is now available here:

CASSI FAE Elective IA Report 2018

FAE 2016/17 AAFRP Report

The AAFRP report for 2016/17 is now available here: AAFRP Report 2016/17

FAE Report 2017

The FAE report for 2017 is now available here: CASSI FAE Report 2017 CASSI FAE Report 2017
Our thanks to everyone who gave their feedback and best of luck with the results.

FAE 2016 Exam Papers

FAE Core Comprehensive
1. Core COMP 2016 FINAL
1.A Core COMP 2016 Appendices

FAE Core Sims
2. SIMs Core 2016
2.a SIMs Appendices 2016

FAE Electives
3. AUDIT Paper FAE AAA 2016
3.A AUDIT Paper FAE AAA 2016 Appendices Document SIM 1
4. APM Paper FAE APM 2016
5. TAX ROI Paper FAE ATx ROI 2016
6. TAX NI Paper FAE ATx NI 2016


FAE Survey

The FAE Survey is here.  Please note the survey closes on Monday 7 September at noon.

AAFRP 2015 Paper & Report

Please note the AAFRP report for 2015 is now available here: FAE AAFRP CASSI Report 2015

Congratulations on making it through the AAFRP assessment. Please find below a copy of the paper.

FAE AAFRP April paper 2015 FINAL to Education

Student Portal Login

FAE Course & Exam Information

CASSI FAE Exam Reports


Student Portal Login

The login to the student portal for notes, recorded sessions etc. is at this link: https://students.charteredaccountants.ie/en/Login/?ReturnUrl=/en/Home/

FAE Course & Exam Information


The FAE Pre-Christmas materials are on the Chartered Accountants website here.  Last year Chartered Accountants developed a booklet which is designed to be a reference guide to FAE.  CASSI were involved in the review process of this and we think it should be very helpful to all current year FAE students so check it out if you haven’t already: FAE Explained – 2014 2015.

Exam Information

The FAE exam information can be found on the Chartered Accountants website here.

The 2015 exam timetable has been uploaded here for convenience (correct @ time of posting – 5 April 2015) FAE Exam 2015 Timetable


Students often set up threads on Boards.ie to discuss their approach to FAE.  While CASSI don’t check the accuracy of any of the comments, we thought the thread might be useful to current students so we have posted the link here: http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=2057307886.

If you want to verify the accuracy of anything posted on Boards or anywhere else please contact CASSI at info@cassi.ie

CASSI FAE Exam Reports


After the FAEs each year CASSI sends out a survey to all those who sat the exams. From 2015 this also includes the AAFRP assessment.  People who sat the exams fill in the survey which covers everything from the course delivery to the exam venues to the questions themselves for the main exam. The AAFRP survey focuses primarily on AAFRP. The CASSI education team assisted by our regional education officers and committee members review the feedback to the survey.  This feedback is then compiled into a report which goes to the Institute who forward it directly to the examiner, FAE Board and the FAE marking team.  More detailed information on the exam survey process can be found on the main education page.

2014 CASSI FAE Reports

2013 CASSI FAE Reports

2012 CASSI FAE Reports

2011 CASSI FAE Reports

2010 CASSI FAE Reports

  • The CASSI report on the FAE Examinations (Sep 2010) is now available TO DOWNLOAD.