Post FAE

Post FAE Events

At CASSI, we believe our responsibility to supporting students extends beyond the FAEs; it’s for the entire duration of your training contract.

We are very proud to inform you of two significant developments in the support we offer to post FAE students, created in partnership in 2012 with our sponsors Morgan McKinley and which have been rolled out this year.

Next CV and Career Bootcamp coming soon.

CV and Career Bootcamp

The CV and Career Bootcamp is specifically targeted at post FAE students coming out of training contract. The concept was initially established in 2012 in an attempt to build on CV preparation lectures which were of limited value as the content was rather generic.

The innovation that the Bootcamp has provided is that it gives students an opportunity for a one-on-one thirty minute session with a specialist Chartered Accountant Recruitment Consultant, delivering personalised feedback three key areas – their CV, career path and interview technique.

A CV expert will review the individual’s CV, give a personalised appraisal and a guide for improvement.

The consultant would also review the student’s experience and offer an objective and realistic opinion on the options available.

Finally, they would offer specific pointers and advice on interviews and how they should prepare for an interview.

Due to demand, these sessions run regularly in Dublin throughout the year and a number of sessions are also run throughout the country. we have now run this event eight times in Dublin and it has also run in Cork and Belfast. Further iterations are planned and will continue throughout the year. We are delighted with the response this event has had to date – 100% of the participants in Sessions One and Two said they would recommend the evening to a friend.

Working Internationally Seminar

The second event was rolled out in April 2012, the inaugural Working Internationally Seminar in CA House. This marked another first for us as this was the first CASSI event to be live streamed to students throughout Ireland.

We had an excellent range of presentations, including speakers whom our sponsors Morgan McKinley had flown in from Australia and the UK specifically for the event . So we were able to provide students with the most up to date information possible.

In addition, we added another new feature, which was a presentation by a potential employer. A bespoke US Consulting firm travelled over seeking 25-30 recent Irish graduates for placement in New York, San Francisco and Boston. So students were given an accurate and timely description of the employment situation in the US and also there were essentially jobs on offer for those interested in working in the US.

We believe that both of these events represent significant step forward in terms of quality of event we offer and that both add tremendous value to tour recent graduates who are currently looking for a new challenge.

As always, please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or queries you may have